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Mr. Padam Mehta
Chief Editor and Publisher "MANAK"(Rajasthani Monthly) and "JALTE DEEP"(Hindi Daily Published from Jodhpur-Jaipur)
Born on May 11,1949 at Jodhpur.
Academic Qualification : Hr.Secondary.
'MANAK AWARD' in 1981 to promote creative and investigative Journalism in Rajasthan (So far 27 Journalist have been honoured with cash prize and citation).
Problems of Famine, Draught,Hunger, Child-Marriage, Dowry, literacy, Desert Industrialisation etc.through 'JALTE DEEP' and 'MANAK'. Also highlighted various aspects and spheres of Rajasthani language, literature, culture, art etc.
more than two hundred Dignitaries including then Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi, Shri Rajeev Gandhi, Shri Narsimha Rao, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Shri L.K. Advani, Governors and Chief Ministers of various States, several Central and State Cabinet Ministers, Journalists, Industrialists, Literary and other Eminent Personalties.etc.
'Cyclone Relief Fund' (In 1978 for cyclone victims in A.P.) 'Flood Relief Fund' (In 1979 for flood victims of W.Rajasthan) and 'Bhookamp Relief Fund' (In 1993 for earthquake victims of Maharashtra).Collected amount presented to Prime Minister in P.M.Relief Fund. Also distributed relief items to the flood victims of W.Rajasthan on spot.
hundreds of News items as Chief Controller and Director of Manak T.V.(An Electronic Media Unit Produced more then 700 episodes of Rajasthani Language Programmes broadcasted on Doordarshan Jaipur, since 2001 to till date) Produced & Directed many documentries broadcasted by Door Darshan National (DD-1) and Regional (Jaipur Kendra). Also Directed and Produced Audio Cassette "Azadi Andolan Ra Rajasthani Geet" released by Chief Minister of Rajasthan and appreciated.
(Thrice each) by State Government as Member of the Accreditation Advisory Committe and Classification Advisory Committee. Nominated three times as Member of the Rajasthani Bhasha, Sahitya Sanskriti Academy. Also nominated by the Central Government as Member Rajasthan Telecommunication Advisory Committee, Member Programme Advisory Comittee, Akashvani Jodhpur. Nominated by State Govt. as Member in very important Committee constituted for Rajasthani Language upliftment and recognisation in 8th schedule of constitution. Nominated as Member of Small Saving Advisory Committee in chairmanship of Chief Minister Rajasthan. Nominated by State Government as Member Patrakar Kalyan Kosh.
Economic Editor's Confrence(8 times) Social Sector Editor's confrence (5 times) organised by Govt.of India and written several articles on Economic affairs, Development and Social issues.
Chaina and S.Korea (in 1993), France(1995) and USA (in 2000) as Member of Press Party with Prime Minister of India.
Awards & Honours
Received 'Dr.L.P.Tessitory Gold Medal' (in 1982 at Calcutta) Bronze Shield (in 1982 at Delhi), 'Marudhar Gaurav' (in 1983 at Bombay), Silver Medal (in 1985 at Gauhati), 'Rajasthan Shree'(in 1986 at Jaipur), 'Rajasthani Bhasha Academy Journalism Award' (in 1988 at Bikaner) Lions Club Citation (in 1989 at Jodhpur), 'Yuva Ratan'(in 1990 by Rajasthan Jaycees), 'Dowari Tajeem, Hath-ka-Kurab and Hathi Saropao'(in January 1994 by Jodhpur Darbar), 'Mahatma Phule Award'(in 1995 at Jodhpur), Ram Ratan Koachar Journalism Award (In 2002 at Bikaner), 'Marudhara Award' (in March 2003 at Mumbai), Media Award (in Sept.2003 at New Delhi), Rajasthani Bhasha Sahitya Sevi Samman (in 2005 at Kolkatta), 'Jodhpur Gaurav' (by Nagar Nigam in 2007 at Jodhpur), 'Satya Shanti Samman' (in 2007 at Jaipur). In addition to above,publically honoured at many places by various institutions for upliftment of Rajasthani Language, Literature, Art and Culture.
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