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Manak is Strong on Reach, Coverage & Response
Reach :
It is the magazine with the widest reach amongst Rajasthanis settled all over the world, No other magazine in any language, published from anywhere else has such wide reach over this most solvent community. Manak’s multi readership is not only in a small village of Rajasthan but to the extent of big metro cities of India and abroad.
Coverage :
The interesting editorial contents and vibrant reproduction make Manak the most popular magazine amongst all sections of Rajasthanis in all age-groups. Men, Women and children alike constitute its readership offering the widest coverage of Rajasthanis any magazine can afford.
Response :
Manak is read and reread time and again offering high retention value and consequently the best possible response to advertiser even a long time after they have been published.
Manak is a fully Colour Magazine of 64 Pages
Full Page :
Back Cover
Inside Cover
Double Spread
Half Page
Mechnical Data :
Print Area
Col. L. 25cm Col. W: 4.5cm No. of Col.:4
Terms & Conditions :
1. Booking Ads : 3 Weeks before the month of issue
2. For cancellation : Written instruction should reach 2 weeks in advance.
3. For all legal purpose : Jodhpur shall be the place of jurisdiction.
4. For all legal purpose Jodhpur shall be the place of jurisdiction
For more details, Pl. contact :
Advertising Manager, MANAK PRAKASHAN
Jalte Deep Building, Jalori Gate, JODHPUR - 03
Ph.91-291-2435896, 5105896  Fax : 91-291-2434896
email : info@manak.org       web : www.manak.org
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